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The Book About You Blog Discusses ‘Co-Dependent no More’

Many people have learned valuable lessons from Melody Beattie’s book: ‘Co-dependent no more’.  Here FB  Co-dependentis Jennifer Soucie YouTube brief comments on this great book:

Here are a few reader comments:

“They are from reading  I started reading the book ‘Co-dependent No More’ by Melody Beattie a few years ago and have been on an empowering journey since.   Applying this book to my life has changed me for the better. It taught me how to be healthy emotionally and keep healthy boundaries in relationships.   I highly recommend reading the whole book though – to get a greater understanding.”

Then I found the Workbook for ‘Co-dependent no More’!

One reader’s comments on the Workbook:

This highly anticipated workbook will help readers put the principles from Melody Beattie’s international best seller “Co-dependent No More” into action in their own lives.  The ‘Co-dependent No More Workbook’ was designed for Beattie fans spanning the generations, as well as for those who may not yet even understand the meaning and impact of their co-dependency. 

In this accessible and engaging workbook, Beattie uses her trademark down-to-earth style to offer readers a Twelve 1 fighting-coupleStep, interactive program to stop obsessing about others by developing the insight, strength, and resilience to start taking care of themselves.

“Through hands-on guided journaling, exercises, and self-tests, readers will learn to integrate the time-tested concepts outlined in ‘Co-dependent No More’ into their daily lives by setting and enforcing healthy limits developing a support system through healthy relationships with others and a higher power experiencing genuine love and forgiveness letting go and detaching from others’ harmful behaviours.

Whether fixated on a loved one with depression, an addiction, an eating disorder, or other self-destructive behaviours, or someone who makes unhealthy decisions, this book offers the practical means to plot a comprehensive, personalized path to hope, healing, and the freedom to be your own best self.”

The next book in this series is called ‘Beyond Co-dependency’. Here is a summary of reader’s comments:

“This book was recommended to me by my therapist. I had no idea why, but in retrospect it may have been the nicest thing anyone has done for me. I was struggling to make sense of a bad, manipulative relationship, and the book shed light on so many things that had for years baffled me about myself.

“The second book fills in the cracks left by the first book and explains the recovery process in more detail, whereas the first dealt more in diagnosing the problem. The book deals a great deal with co-dependent people in relationships with alcoholics and drug addicts, but the information will help anyone dealing with co-dependency. An excellent overall book on co-dependency!”

Another person’s comments:

“I have ‘Codependent no more’ and ‘Beyond Co-dependency’ and found them so helpful during such a difficult time in my life. I wanted to order my sister her own copy because I am holding on to mine.

“My husband is an alcoholic and went through rehab at Betty Ford. There is where I had the privilege of going through family week and learning so much. However I fought the co-dependent label because I just didn’t get it at the time.

“Afterwards during my personal therapy my therapist suggested I read Melody’s books. That’s when the lights came on and suddenly so much became clear to me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me being a very loving and giving person.

“However there was a problem with me giving to the point of hurting myself and not taking care of me. The books won’t “fix” you. They can provide you with a wealth of knowledge to help you help yourself. Check out Dr Irene’s website for immediate information on co-dependency.”

Thanks Dense for your insights on this great book!

I can also highly recommend this book and the Workbook series as a foundation to help set healthy boundaries and draw the line to self-care.  Thank You Jennifer, Katherine, Denise and Martin for your insights and comments.

You can buy this Workbook with my Affiliate code from The Book Depositary:

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