The Book About You asks: “How are your Stress Levels?”

The Book About You is aims at all kinds of books, media and valuable information.  We have prepared an eBook on ‘Handling Stress to Prevent Burnout’ for a future post. 

In the meantime, we have added the following Personal worksheets to help you assess the level of stress and burnout in your own life:

‘The Danger Signs of Burnout’

Mark the # box from 0 to 4 (0 = never, 1 = seldom, 2 = sometimes, 3 = often, 4 = all the time) that best describes your present lifestyle:






1. Minimizing or denial of feelings, 22. Deterioration of relationships,
2. Feeling indispensable, 23. Avoiding work,
3. Forgoing personal time, 24. Lowered self esteem,
4. Feeling cynicism and detached from life, 25. Loss of spontaneity and creativity,
5. Physical complaints, 26. Taking sleeping pills,
6. Feeling cynicism and detached from life, 27. Feelings of anger, resentment,
7. Increased depression, 28. Weight gain or loss,
8. Irritability and impatience 29. Lower performance,
9. Exhaustion, low or loss of energy levels, 30. Reduced effectiveness in communication,
10. Boredom and job dissatisfaction, 31. Increased sleeplessness,
11. Late night meals with little to eat all day, 32. Higher susceptibility to colds and flues,
12. Many convenience or take away foods, 33. More despair and suicidal thoughts,
13. Allergies, skin problems, 34. Bingeing, fasting cycles,
14. Shaking or trembling, 35. Memory loss,
15. Using too much coffee to keep concentration going, 36. Digestive problems as irritable bowel, gas,   constipation,
16. Tension pains in    neck/back, 37. Disorientation and confusion,
17. Overeating/under-eating as a release, 38. Aching jaw from clenching teeth,
18. Irregularities in menstrual cycle, 39. Withdrawal and isolation,
19. Panicky, palpitations, 40. Eating on the run,
20. Loss of concentration even in simple jobs, 41. Increased alcohol and drug use,
21. Loss or gain of appetite, 42. Increase in anxiety, tensions.


Add up your numbers.  What was your score?  ______


Remember, this is not a definitive diagnostic tool to assess your level of stress.  However, if you have a very high score, Stress and burnout is a very real possibility.  See a competent medical doctor or Counsellor to work through the issues before your health is seriously affected.

If you find your levels were something to be concerned about, catch our post ‘Dealing with Stress to Prevent Burnout’!

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