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An interesting Book: Life Strategies by Dr. Phil McGraw

DONE    We all need to have a sense of purpose and Godly control in our lives.  It’s the ‘Doing what works; doing what matters’ that brings us closer to our true identity.  Sometimes, we need some timely help to reach the best way of doing things.  Here is Part 1 of a YouTube segment featuring Phil McGraw’s book Life Strategies. 

‘You are in Control of your Destiny’

  We do need to live with a purpose and find the solutions to the conflict that face us.  Here are comments about the ‘Life Strategies’ book by Steven Szmutko: Each of us has the power to make those decisions which ultimately determine the course of our precious lives. Life Strategies is one of those rare finds, a self-help book that does not wallow in big words or esoteric concepts.  Mr. McGraw outlines his steps for success in life in simple, direct, yet engagingly written chapters.

“The organization of the book is excellent throughout and reflects an author who has had extensive experience in dealing with people from all walks of life. He deals with concepts such as self-reliance, individual responsibility and similar notions often downplayed (or ignored outright) by other authors seeking to play into the culture of victimization.  You will find none of that in Mr. McGraw’s book.  His main theme is that we are responsible for our own lives and we do not have to allow ourselves to be knocked about like a punching bag on a windy day.

“Once you pick up the book, it is difficult to put down; you will find yourself nodding your head at what you have always known in your heart, but do not always acknowledge in your daily life. This book is well worth the time. I agree fully with all the life laws as they are the basics of human improvement.  If you are strong and willing to change your life to a more effective, more productive one, read this book.”

Thanks Steven!


Here are more comments from Carol Alaniz:

“This book has helped me to understand more things about myself than any other book I’ve bought.  Nothing like the namby-pamby books that tell you to get in touch with your *inner child*, Dr. Phil comes straight out and tells you if you don’t like your life CHANGE IT.  He gives you the tools to look at yourself – and if you really DO look at yourself, and are HONEST with yourself – you can work on the parts of you and your life that bug you.

“I realize that certain realities, some of them horribly sick realities, are visited upon us when we are children.  I am not suggesting that, as children, we choose all of the events and circumstances in our lives.  We are neither RESPONSIBLE nor ACCOUNTABLE for being raped, abused, or molested.  This is not what I’m saying.

“What I AM saying to you is that while you may not have had the knowledge or power as a child, to make certain choices, therefore you not accountable for those events.  However, as an ADULT you DO have the ability to choose your reaction to those childhood events and circumstances.  The past is over and the future hasn’t happened yet.”

“Dr. Phil continues: ‘Is it fair that it happened to you? No. Is it fair that you have to deal with that? No. It is fair that you have to live with it and manage it for the rest of your life?  No.  Are you nevertheless accountable for how you live with it and manage it? ABSOLUTELY.  I suppose that your accountability is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that the burden is on you.  The good news is that the choice is yours.’ “I would think that the same advice applies to adult victims of violence.  Dr. Phil’s point is whatever you want to change, get it out in the open and deal with it.”

******* Thanks Carol for bringing out these points from the book.  When we add God and His power in the equation, we can deal with the issues from our past and live peaceful and satisfied lives.

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