The Book About You Reviews The Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards

Today, I would like to look at another book that has been recommended and that I too have found beneficial in my growth in understanding Christian leadership.  If you’ve ever been hurt by leadership, hurt others or want to learn the principles of Godly leadership, this is the book for you. Here is a quick YouTube on the Story of the Three Kings by Jared Ayres

So what is the book about?  Here is a review from a reader using the Kindle Edition:

“The author includes really powerful examples from the life of David, Saul and Absalom. I love the way that he describes David’s trust in God when Absalom rebels and David says ‘God gave me this kingdom and maybe he sees fit to take it away now’.

“This book  contrasts the different ways people handle leadership.  It applies to the way the people have handled their leadership in the church and presents healthy and Godly views of leadership. 

“This simple allegory, drawn from the Biblical narrative of the lives of King Saul, King David and Absalom, reveals a profound insight into the pain of betrayal, the brokenness of surrender and the victory that can result to a heart in pursuit of fellowship with God.”

“There aren’t many recently written books that fall into the category of `classics’ but Gene Edward’s A Tale of Three Kings is indisputably amongst those rare examples that have firmly ensconced themselves in the hearts of Christians worldwide.”

Here is another reader’s comments on the Audio CD version:

“It’s all too common in today’s church: Christians hurting Christians – A critical comment, an unforgiving stare, a no-holds-barred battle among church members. In the end one or both parties are wounded, a testimony has been harmed, and the only winner is Satan.

“In A Tale of Three Kings, author Gene Edwards speaks to those who have been harmed at the hands of other believers. He uses two biblical accounts – those of the relationship between David and Saul and that between Absalom and David – to deliver a message of hope, comfort, and healing.

“Edwards’ use of the stories of David’s relationship to Saul and then to Absalom to instruct and offer healing is profound. I will never look at these two stories in the same light again and will never again see church conflict as I did before, either.

“The audiobook edition, read by Paul Michael, is excellent. I listened to it twice on a trip to bring my grandparents home from Florida, first by myself on the plane and then with my grandparents in the car. The narrator’s soothing voice combined with the author’s soothing words to deliver an experience unlike any other. I took much more away from my second listening and encourage you to listen more than once to gain all the insight found within the book. It’s very short, so listening multiple times is easy to do.

“On a personal note, my grandparents left my church ten years ago after some sad occurrences. Two weeks after listening to this book, they started attending again. I won’t say that this book is responsible for that, but I am certain that God used it in His plan to bring them home. I praise the Lord for that.” 

Thanks for these comments as ‘The Tale of Three Kings’ is not only a simple story with a meaning but also relevant to our Christian walk.  I have found this book is both entertaining and enriching.  I personally would give this Book 5.0 out of 5 stars when learning how to trust God with the authority figures in your life!

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