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From Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sons by Jack Frost

October 25, 2013support

When I went to find this book, I also found many excellent reviews as well.  Here is what some people have said about this book:

From Nathan Beauchamp – The late Jack Frost spent much of his life working as a licensed commercial fishing boat captain. While he was tough, skilled, and ventured to some of the roughest and most hostile environments on earth, he was not very good at receiving love from his Heavenly Father. He did not know how to be a son and was hemmed in by ‘orphan thinking.’



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Sunday Cuppa with Susanne – our new Series!

October 16, 2013

 In case you haven’t noticed, we started a new series a new series on Christian Foundations!  We’re talking about the journey we make as Jesus followers from being Slaves in the Kingdom of this world – to its thinking, ways of behaving and ways of protecting ourselves from the pains of this world.

Then we want to jump into the normal next stage – that of learning to be a servant in the Kingdom.  Many people seem to just stop here, especially if they have run into the legalism and ‘religiousness’ we can find around us.


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YouTube music: ‘Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord’

October 15, 2013

More Inspirational music from the YouTube: ‘Open the eyes of my heart, Lord by Paul Baloche

One Person’s Comments: “If you never get any other Worship CD ever again in your life and could only keep one, this is it my friends. Just a great, heartfelt, powerful performance and one CD that I’ve not gotten tired of after all this time. To me that’s the test of a great album in any genre let alone Gospel.


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The Book About You Blog presents ‘Understanding your Human Spirit’

October 7, 2013

In one of our other Blogs, we began a series on your personal spirit.  We examined the influence, condition and purpose for your personal spirit. Since the real you is a spirit, we really need to pay attention to what is your spirit and how you were shaped to be the individual you are.  See

Some of the best known researchers and authors in the area of the human spirit are John and Paula Sandford. Their years of study and ministry have given them a unique perspective in this important topic.


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Lynda’s Story of Trauma and Miraculous Healing

October 1, 2013careers

Recently another inspiring book was shared by a friend.

“She was led to Health Care in Christ, a group of Christian health care professionals across Australia.  At a ministry session witnessed by 150 doctors and nurses, Jesus systematically healed every part of Lynda’s body, mind and spirit. During which Lynda relived all the physical and emotional experiences of the accident,

“In Lynda’s words, ‘I had a tangible sense that all the broken pieces inside of me had been put back together, like when a jigsaw is completed.’


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