Welcome to ‘The Book About You’ Discussion!

Welcome to ‘The Book About You’ discussions!

Ever wondered what good book to read next?  What’s out there that would capture your interest?  What’s your next best book ever?  What’s a good book to grab, curl up with a cuppa’ and must take the time to enjoy!  You don’t want to spend time browsingthe bookstore.  Then here might be a place to find out!

Then, ever wondered what your friends are reading?  I guarantee some of them have great books on their shelves, just waiting to share the treasures they’ve found.  I’ve talked with some of these friends and they have given me suggestions to add to this Blog!  You’ll find some of these books on this blog!


So why do I want to start another blog?  We have collected some much information from our 35 + years of Counselling, Mentoring and Coaching that I need another ‘warehouse’.  Plus, we still want to have this great material available for everyone! Life sometimes gets so busy, it’s hard to find just the right book for the right moment.  So join us as we explore some of the vast information that’s ‘out there’.

So this blog is a collection of all kinds of books, book reviews, eBooks, helpful reports and other valuable ‘stuff’.  It’s been collected over 35 years – See our About us Page!


Our Categories will include: Special Christian books, Kindle books and those eBooks written especially for your growth.  We’ve added some really great Christian inspiration music and other resources for your growth as the individual you are called to be.  Explore our ‘Bargain Bin’ of specials – everyone loves a bargain!  We have encouraged others to write about the books they are reading as well. 

One of the areas I am most excited about is the section on Kindle – Amazon books!  So far we have three books in the production line –

‘At the Time of Her Death: Suicide Intervention’

‘Guardians of the Promise: The Story of Tamar’ – It’s finally Done!

…… and then, one I am sure you’ll want to explore –

‘What your Dad Didn’t tell you about Women!’

Add your name and email address to our subscribers list and receive the new posts about great books, music and other resources once or twice a week.  Find out what great books your friends are reading!

So keep coming back to see what we’ve found on ‘The Book About You’ blog! In the meantime, you might be interested in the other blogs from Mentor’s Notebook and where you can find them on YouTube:

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

PS.  We have changed our resources to ‘The Book Depository’ rather than through  We have an Affiliate link with this Blog so when you click on our link to buy your book, we get 5%.  For more info on ‘The Book Depository’ see our Affiliate Page or our special info section in the category of ‘Useful Resources’.


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